About us

Our research is focused on one of the most important farm animals, the chicken.

Poultry industry is the fastest growing segment of animal industry with more than 100 million tonnes of chicken meat produced every year in order to sustain the increasing consumer demands. Most of the poultry worldwide are reared under intensive conditions making them more vulnerable to diseases, such as avian influenza virus. The better understanding of the chicken immune system would allow for the reduction of the usage of prophylactic measures and improving the husbandry conditions. In addition, the increasing pressure from consumers aware of animal welfare further impacts the poultry industry practices.

The main interest of our research group is focused on the better understanding of the humoral immune response development and the host response to pathogens during infections.

We aim to develop and utilise genetically engineered chickens for use in immunological research. Our lab has developed the tools and technology to enhance the progress in this field. We have the unique opportunity to improve the tools needed to examine the development of the immune system in an economically important species.